In this article, we reveal the truth about 9 secrets sometimes hidden hotels. Have you booked a stay with your blonde or your boyfriends? Read this article well, you will not do things the same way afterwards. You can visit our website to find more info.

You want clean and “new” covers? You have to ask

In the vast majority of hotels, only sheets and pillowcases are changed. The thicker blankets and the comforter are not washed automatically, after each customer. So yes, all those times when you felt clean of the comforter, you’re good for good reasons.

The valets are well dressed, but they do not really care about your car, basically

The goal is to get as close as possible to a small space, and their work has become so routine that they do not necessarily take care of your car as you would like them to do it.

The TV remote control is probably the craziest thing you can touch

No, maids do not wash remotes and disinfect them either. So when you change jobs or put a movie in the room, wash your hands. Remote controls carry a lot of different germs, just like switches, by the way.

If you did not Trust the Pool Water, Look More

The pool water is treated with so much chlorine that the bacteria die and it is safe to bathe without any problem. However, the same cannot be said for the furniture around the pool, such as sun loungers and small tables.

Want a Lower Rate on your Room? Call Reception

Hotels pay a commission of up to 30% to online booking agencies such as or So, if you want to save money on your room rate, call the front desk directly and politely ask if there is a way to reduce the price. You would be surprised at their flexibility and the money you would save.

Some Hotels Clean Glasses of Water with Products to Clean Furniture

Yes, the glasses shine and look really clean, but let’s say it’s not optimal for your health. Before using a glass in the bathroom, for example, clean it to avoid taking a chance.

Requesting an Early Check-in is not always a Good Idea

The maids have their lot of rooms to clean. If you press them to clean your room and break their routine, you may have a room with a “squeeze”, too.

You Should Never Pay a Cancellation Fee

You must cancel your stay and cancel your hotel room? You simply should not pay the fees associated with it. The hotels will not tell you, but now you’ll know it: postpone the date of your stay to one or two weeks later, for example, and call the next day or the day after to cancel. People pay a cancellation fee when they cancel their room in too short a time. By postponing the date of your stay, you can cancel it and therefore allow a week to the hotel to reserve the room to someone else. So, no fees to pay!